When your business relies on water, drainage, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration or ventilation one of our maintenance contracts puts you in control of the unexpected


We know that businesses rely on solid foundations and sound infrastructure.  Simply having a defective salon basin or defective water supply at a car wash can have a huge impact on both your reputation and your revenue stream.  With a maintenance contract from ICD London Solutions you can be confident that the chances of things going wrong reduce drastically and if things do go wrong we'll be on hand to get you moving again.  No fuss, no unexpected costs, just quick reliable service that won't cost you the earth.

We provide comprehensive maintenance contracts to a wide range of businesses from both the private and public sector already.  Some of which include:


  • Residential Care Home maintenance contracts

  • Fire Station maintenance contracts

  • School maintenance contracts

  • College maintenance contracts

  • Warehouse maintenance contracts

  • Office maintenance contracts

  • Commercial Shop maintenance contracts

  • Beauty Salon maintenance contracts


We'd love to hear from you to discuss your needs.  We know that one size certainly doesn't fit all when it comes to business, so we'll pop over to see you to discuss your needs.  We'll give you honest advice and draw up a bespoke contract that's mutually agreeable.  Then sit back, relax and know that with regular maintenance we'll do everything in our power to reduce the chances of things going wrong when it comes to your plumbing, drainage, heating or ventilation and also know that we've got you covered if the unexpected should rear it's head.


For more information about how we can help you or your business either use the on line form below or contact us here.